YiffyMix v3.4 Guide

YiffyMix v34 can create high quality, highly customizable images and is very easy to use with e621 tags. It is suitable for creating both human subjects and anthropomorphic (anthro) subjects provided you use the proper prompts.

This Model Excels At

  • Color separations via tags.(e.g. red_shirt, white_underwear, black_fur)
  • Male/Female/Furry/Trans model creation
  • Sex positions
  • Niche fetish/Fetish images
  • Nsfw/SFW
  • 3d Renders
  • POV shots are easy to create using e621 tags.

What To Be Aware of About This Model

  • Requires some knowledge of E621 website artists and tags
  • Art quality can be lackluster, without the right artist.
  • It's important to be aware that certain keywords may not yield the desired results, mainly because the model's training extensively relies on e621 tags.
  • E621 website tag list: https://e621.net/tags
  • Adheres to tag formatting rules (e.g., "by jay_naylor, close-up, 1girl, canine_humanoid" should be entered as "by jay_naylor, close-up, 1woman, canine_humanoid" in YiffyMix)

Prompting Style

The recommended prompt requires the following

  • Steps: 30-39
  • CFG Scale: 5-12
  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras


Prompt ComponentDescriptionExample
uploaded on e621sets the engine to e621 style images and accepts e621 tagsred_fur, canine_humanoid, ear_tuft
art by e621 Artist NameName of artist from the e621 website, Max 4 artistart by john_totleben,art by judy_chicago,art by kuno_veeber
Human modifier(human:1.6) is required to make human imagesthis is left black for Anthro style images
Line BreakSexyAI does not support line breaksBREAK will be break and empty lines will be deleted
Specific quality modifiersA series of keyterms with specific weights to create realistic or 3d style images. Must be placed after the casual quality modifiers.(masterpiece:1.2), (high detail:1.4),(intricate:1.2)

For Anthro Style

uploaded on e621, art of E621 Artist Name , subject, major details,minor details, spesific quality modifiers

For Human Style

uploaded on e621 art style of [E621 Artist Name] (human:1.6) subject,major details, minor details, spesific quality modifiers

Specific Quality Modifiers

For 2D Realistic Style

(masterpiece:1.2),(high detail:1.4),(intricate:1.2),(film photography),(best quality:1.5),(best image:1.5)

Prompt ComponentDescription
(high detail:1.4),(intricate:1.2)weights can be readjusted to create different levels of realism.

For 3D style

,(3d render), (octane render),(unreal engine), (best render:1.5), (high detail:1.4), (intricate:1.2),(ultrarealistic), (ultra quality:1.5), (best quality:1.5), (blender:1.3)

Prompt ComponentDescription
3d render,(unreal engine)weights can be changed to create different levels of 3d renders
You can use terms from both 2D Realistic Style and 3D style as long as it's placed correctly.

Artist Names

Artists name are important when creating image in stable diffusion. In YiffyMix it's crucial. The following images showcase the major impact an artist name can have.

uploaded on e621,(art by henry_tonk, by prior_hall, by travos_louie),1female,a woman, standing,uploaded on e621,(art by henry_tonk, by prior_hall, by travos_louie, by albert_bierstadt), 1female,a woman, standing
,closeup portrait shot, in a forest, masterpiece, best quality, extremely detailed,soft light, soft shadows, soft backlighting, (best image,best quality:1.5)closeup portrait shot, in a forest, masterpiece, best quality, extremely detailed,soft light, soft shadows, soft backlighting, (best image,best quality:1.5)
Without artist albert bierstadtWith artist albert bierstadt

POV and Perspective Shots

uploaded on e621,art by [artist names],subject

, type POV, quality modifiers


  • You want to add these terms after the linebreak segment of the prompt after the second comma.
  • Response to the keywords in Prompt101.
  • e621 has special POV tags that only work on this engine.

Multiple subjects

For Anthro Style

uploaded on e621, artists, (`x`gender `animaltype`),(feral/anthro)

Prompt ComponentDescriptionExample
animaltypethe species of animalwolf,werewolf
feralcreates a wild version of the subjectwolf,feral,lion,feral

For Human Style

uploaded on e621,artists,(human:1.6),(`x`males)/(`x`female),

Prompt ComponentDescriptionExample
xmales/femalereplace x with a whole number3male,three females


uploaded on e621,(art by [E621 Artist Name]),(grouptype),(animaltype),(feral/anthro) OR (grouptype),(human:1.6)

Sample Prompts

Wolf Pack


Positive Prompt

uploaded on e621,(art by Anatoly Metlan,by Albert Namatjira,by Hendrik Goltzius, by Mead Schaeffer),pack of werewolves,feral,(2male, 2female)

Group of Lumberjacks


Positive Prompt : uploaded on e621,(art by winslow homer,by hioshiru,by lostgoose,by darwyn cooke),(human:1.6),large group of lumberjacks,(4males)



Positive Prompt : uploaded on e621, (by henry tonk, by prior hall, by travos louie:1.3),(a werewolf:1.3), (short hair),(extremely handsome),(muscular),(white briefs),(two-tone fur),(counter shade fur:1.5),(white chest fur),(crouching),(detailed erect bulge:1.5),(wolf tail),(contrast collar:1.5),(contrast harness:1.5),(horny),(lustful:1.5),(looking at viewer:1.5),(dominate:1.3),(playful:1.1),(bedroom eyes:1.5),(smug:1.5),(long nose:1.3),

(receiving pov:1.5),(three quarters portrait:1.5),(rough fur texture:1.5),(faded block background),(darkest lines:1.5),(cinematic photography),(high detail:1.5),(intricate:1.1),(best quality:1.5),(best composition:1.5),([deep|shallow] focus:1.5),(best image:1.5),(best background:1.5),(soft lighting:1.2),(dramatic shadows:1.3),(best line art:1.5),(hard [red|blue]backlighting:1.5),(indirect [hard|soft] side light:1.5),(extremely detailed),(fur highlighted by [hard|soft] radial red light),(hard shading),(deep depth of field:1.5),(drop shadows:1.5)

Negative Prompt : (low quality face:1.5),(anomlies:1.5),(floating details:1.5),(wrong orientation),(low detail:1.5),monochrome, (worst composition, worst quality, worst image:2),(twisted body)

Dragon Scales


Positive Prompt : uploaded on e621,(art by john totleben,by judy chicago,by kuno veeber,by lynda benglis), (a female dragon:1.5), (hard light absorbing dragon scales:1.5),(white prism scales:1.3),(seductive pose),

,(dark snow amazing background:1.1),(high detail:1.5),(intricate:1.3),(best quality:1.5),(ultra realistic),(ultra quality:1.5),(film photography),(octagonal scales illuminated by oscillating [on|off] moonbeams),(subsurface scattering light:1.3),(dramatic shadows:1.3),soft fractal light,(scales illuminated by radial ethereal backlight),contact shadows,(depth of field),watercolor blending,[thick|soft] blending

Negative Prompt :(low quality face:1.5),monochrome,(worst image, worst quality,worst composition:2)

Prompt Style Comparison

Below you can see the difference in generation quality between applying only the general prompt style in Prompting 101 and applying the recommended style specific to this model.

control4.webpcloseup portrait shot, a woman standing in a forest, masterpiece, best quality, extremely detailed, soft light, soft shadows, soft backlighting, (best image,best quality:1.5)

Final Thoughts

YiffyMix v3.4 is a beast of a model. It consistently performs well regardless of prompt syntax, but applying the recommended prompt style and relevant e621 tags provides control for generating detailed images inspired by over 2000 different art styles. This level of control also allows it to create unique images that are hard to replicate with other models. While it may require some knowledge or experimentation with artist names, its image quality is consistently outstanding.