Virile Reality Guide

Virile Reality, a specialized male model, crafts detailed and lifelike imagery. It excels in generating realistic male renders and skillfully creates transgender and futa style images with minimal prompting. Below, we'll explore the optimal prompting order, sample prompts for reference, and compare the impact of prompt style on the generated results.

This Model Excels In

  • Generating men and male genitalia.
  • Creating lifelike photorealistic quality renders.
  • Crafting transgender and futa style images.
  • Creating quality images with minimal prompting.
  • Handles NSFW positions effectively.

What To Be Aware of

  • This model is a merged model combining various models and LoRAs. It's crucial to note that prompts for Virile Reality may not yield the same results on other models. The final image undergoes adjustments by the LORA, and these adjustments may not be available on other models.
  • Use caution when mentioning terms like 'penis,' as they are trigger words for the BetterMen LORA. This will cause the model to focus the penis.

Prompt Style

Virile Reality does best with short prompts, with clear details, and minimal quality words.

Prompt Component Order

  1. Type of Shot
  2. Subject
  3. Angle
  4. Major Details
  5. Minor Details
  6. Quality


old photograph, 50s man, 50s clothes, looking at viewer, handsome, slick hair, cool

render, cartoon, cgi render, illustration, painting, drawing, woman, female

Sample Prompts

Man In A Meadow


Positive Prompt : [handsome:distinctive:0.3] male closeup portrait, from the side, in a meadow, flowers, crewcut [hair], (manly:1.3), (gorgeous lighting), (shallow focus), shallow dof, clarity, (film grain), (bokeh effect:1.2), (cinematic:1.2), (dramatic shadows:1.2), (nighttime:1.4)

Negative Prompt : (3d,rendering:1.5), cartoon, cgi render,illustration, painting, drawing, (worst quality:1.5), low quality, normal quality

Man In Gray Pants


Positive Prompt : closeup ,a candid photo of a man wearing gray sweatpants and [white] tshirt, (vpl, bulge), excited, fun, distinctive, handsome, (square chin), beard, living room hallway, (film grain:1.3), film photography, (best quality:1.1), (chiaroscuro),(soft focus) > Negative Prompt : sepia,(ripped) clothing, 3d, render, cartoon, cgi render, illustration, painting, drawing, woman, female, (grayscale), monochrome

Futa/Transgender Woman


Positive Prompt : gorgeous woman, showing ass, beautiful anus, penis, looking back, HDR, beautiful light, high quality

Negative Prompt : render, cartoon, cgi render, illustration, painting, drawing

Prompt Style Comparison

Below you can see the difference in generation quality between applying only the general prompt style and applying the recommended style specific to this model.


Closeup portrait shot, a woman standing in a forest, masterpiece, extremely detailed, soft light, soft shadows, soft backlighting, (best image,best quality:1.5)

Final Thoughts

Virile Reality is great at making realistic male images using merged LoRAs. This makes it easy to create awesome pictures with just a little input. But, you might notice that the faces could look kinda similar sometimes. However, because this is a merged model you may find that many of the generated faces are similar. Despite this quirk, Virile Reality is still an excellent model for making quality images quickly.