Transformix stands out with a unique color layering technique, bringing a subtle yet powerful clarity and delicacy to the visuals. This distinctive approach adds depth, allowing for compelling images that seamlessly blend anime and photorealistic elements.

What This Model Excels At

  • Creates images with a very light and soft quality.
  • Renders shadows and keywords such as darkness and chiaroscuro at a lower strength, allowing for more precise controls that enable deeper tones.
  • Generates both male and female-focused images well, and can handle multiple character prompts effectively.
  • Demonstrates efficiency across a wide range of prompts.
  • Generates both male and female characters beautifully.
  • Amazing at Safe for Work (SFW) and Not Safe for Work (NSFW) images.
  • Excels in creating beautiful scenery and graphic art images.

What to Be Aware of With This Model

  • The available faces and face styles are limited.
  • Transformix's approach to chiaroscuro may affect the effectiveness of keywords related to darkness and other darkening effects.
  • Requires 3d render in the negative prompt section for flat 2D images with TransforMix.

Additional Info

TransforMix's soft style allows for greater contrast than other models, creating a more dramatic and stunning look. This emphasis on chiaroscuro can be further controlled using keywords:

  • Chiaroscuro: Art technique where an artist places a subject against an extremely dark background. The high contrast of tones gives the image depth and a dynamic range of color.
  • High Contrast: Intensifies the distinction between dark tones and highlights.
  • Grayscale and Monochrome: Help control the contrast level by allowing more color.
  • Backlighting: Adds a stunning second layer of light.

Prompt Style

Transformix can use the hentai model prompt syntax or it can also blend prompt elements from the realistic model HassakuHentaiv13.

  • Steps: 25
  • CFG Scale: 7
  • Sampler: Eular a

Prompt Component Order

  1. Quality Modifier/Style of Image
  2. Style of Image/Quality Modifier
  3. Detail Modifier
  4. Subject
  5. Major Details
  6. Minor Details or Artistic keywords
  7. Resolution Modifiers

Hentai Style

(masterpiece), best quality, high detail, 1woman

Realistic Model Style

photography, best quality, 1woman

Hybrid Style

photorealistic digital painting, best quality, high detail, 1woman, mixed media, photography

Sample Prompts

Headband Chiaroscuro


Positive Prompt : (bara, full closeup:1.2), 1male man, male large eyes, goatee, (wide square jawline, square chin, wide chin), thick body, [large pectorals], handsome, crew cut, (body hair:1.2), (nighttime:1.2), (silhouette lighting), (dark shadows:1.3), (red headband:1.5), (chiaroscuro:1.5), (contact shadows:1.3), (high color contrast), (ultra detail:1.5), ultrarealistic, (male focus:1.3), deep depth of field, subsurface light scattering, (smooth blending:1.5), (bokeh effect:1.3), wide highlights, digital mixed media, analog style, (hdr photo:1.5), gradient color layer, (best quality:1.5), eye catchlights, white chalk, oil pastels media, acrylic paint media, (darkest black:1.5), (trending on artstation:1.5), (soft smirk, arrogant:1.3), (best render:1.5), [glaring:passionate][eye contact]

Negative Prompt : angular jawline, digital illustration, drawing, sketch, vector art, camera, asian, chinese, japanese, (worst quality:1.5), [red] eyes, (grayscale:1.5), (monochrome:1.2), low quality, low detail, flat background, dull composition, dull tones,

Dancing Mage


Positive Prompt : ([lineless:0.2] digital mixed media:1.5), (full closeup,absurdres:1.5), (ultra detail, photorealistic:1.5), (wide rectangle abstract:1.3), ([light blue|ethereal green and orange]gradient ink blocking), anime style 1woman, long straight hair, gorgeous, (floating light particles:1.5), halftone,(dramatic layer:1.5), (flowing dress, dancer mage, final fantasy tactic style:1.4), (deep depth of field:1.3), (advanced color theory:1.3), (epic moment:1.2), (trending on artstation:1.5), ([incomplete:short brushstrokes:0.4]) and (best line quality:1.5), (smooth brushstrokes and textured brushstrokes:1.5), stylized layer blending, soft focus, (chiaroscuro:1.4), (contact shadows:1.5),(pronounced highlight, flatten colors, wide highlights:1.3), (graphic novel), (high contrast:1.5), (bokeh effect:1.3), (high color contrast, best quality, masterful blending techniques:1.5)

Negative Prompt : paintbrush(object), bad hands, vector art, cell shaded, messy, rain, deformed, disfigured, blurry, incomplete background, (flat background, dull composition:1.5), art objects, (worst quality:2), [red:0.8] eyes, (3d render:1.5), low quality, low detail, (grayscale:1.5), (monochrome)

Stylized Anime Wallpaper


Positive Prompt : (vector wallpaper:1.4), (array of blocked squares), 1woman,gorgeous features, best anime outline, kanji haiku, relaxed casual pose, (telephone pole), (cityscape background), faded ink, gold and deep red glyphs, (advanced color theory:1.5), ink block sun, geometric vectors, monochrome rich tonal gradients, shallow focus, (kaleidoscopic tableau), (art trending on artstation:1.5), (best quality, best detail, best vector1.5), ([asian kung fu generation] album cover), (official art:1.5), (absurdres:1.5), lossless compression, (clean edge precision:1.5), (balanced composition:1.5), color scheme uniformity

Negative Prompt : [red] eyes, split composition,(bilateral symmetry:1.5), (3d render:1.5), (worst quality:1.5), low quality, dull, dullness, worst vectors, out of focus, graphic art, dull composition, digital art, (grayscale:1.2)

Prompt Style Comparison

Below you can see the difference in generation quality between applying only the general prompt style in Prompting 101 and applying the recommended style specific to this model.

general.webpcloseup portrait shot, a woman standing in the forest, masterpiece, extremely detailed, soft light, soft shadows, soft backlighting, (best image, best quality:1.5)

Final Thoughts

Transformix is an artistic gem! Often underestimated, but when combined with clever prompting and experience, the model becomes an artistic powerhouse. This model is easy to start with, but requires a birt of finessing to get truely impressive results. With the right mindset and some exploration, this model is a valuable companion for those seeking intricate and artistic image creation.