Rev Animation Guide

Rev Animation is recognized for its distinctive fusion of 2D and 3D elements. It excels in generating portraits, anime, fantasy, and landscapes with a unique animation style. This is an artistic model.

This Model Excels In

  • Generating PORTRAITS
  • Generating Stylized 2D ANIME
  • Generating Fantasy
  • Generating Semi-realistic Anime
  • Generating Decent Landscapes

What To Be Aware of

  • Hentai style eyes need to be prompted.
  • Can Creates a chiaroscuro style image without prompting.
  • Often switches 2D style images into it's unique 2.5d style.
  • Multiple subjects and POV shots follow those in Prompt101

Prompting Style

Rev Animation uses a mixture of Danbooru tags and Stable Diffusion keywords.

  • Steps: 30
  • CFG Scale: 8.5
  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

Prompt Component Order

  1. Style
  2. Quality Terms
  3. Detail terms
  4. Subject Statement
  5. Major Details
  6. Minor Details
  7. Lighting
  8. Shadows
  9. Resolution

(masterpiece),(best quality),(high quality),(1woman),sitting, forest background, soft light, soft shadows, warm backlighting, (absurdres)

Sample Prompts

Male Underwear and Socks


Positive Prompt : (masterpiece:1.5),(best quality:1.5),(ultra detail:1.3),solo,(mature male,coach),(muscular male:1.3),topless male,thick body,closeup, portrait,male pubic hair, (white male briefs),covered large testicales,(white socks),no shoes,male focus, (photorealistic), film photography, analog style,flat light, deep shadows,sunset backlighting,(chiaroscuro:1.3), high contrast, shallow focus, deep depth of field, bokeh effect,(best image:1.5),(absurdres:1.5)

Negative Prompt : cross eyed,compression artifacts,jpeg artifacts,lowres,(worst quality:2),(low quality:1.5), (bad hands:1.2), (bad feet:1.3), red eyes, bad proportions, bad anatomy, (worst image:2), (grayscale:1.2)

Thick Woman


Positive Prompt : (masterpiece:1.3), (best quality:1.5), (high detail:1.5),closeup shot, (1woman), (white [jacket]), asymmetrical black hair,([gorgeous:wide:distinctive]features),([angry:frustrated]),([wellbuilt:stocky:thick] body under clothing),detailed large eyes,jogging pants worn over large bulge,car garage background,(ultra realistic [face|background|lighting]),shallow focus,(high contrast,darkness) deep depth of field, (soft Flecked Lighting, Variegated Shadows,Delicate Drapery Shadows), afternoon radiant backlighting, (chiaroscuro:1.3)

Negative Prompt : asian, chinese, japanese,abs,formal wear, (red eyes),(worst quality:1.5), grayscale, monochrome, flat color, flat background, dull composition, low quality, low detail,normal quality, high quality, traditional art

Aerith Gainsborough


Positive Prompt : (masterpiece:1.5), (best quality:1.5), (high detail:1.5),(closeup shot),1woman,(aerith gainsborough:1.3), (pink outfit),(ultra realistic [face|background|lighting]),shallow focus,(high contrast,darkness), deep depth of field, (soft flecked light), (halftones:1.3),(variegated shadows,delicate drapery shadows), sunset ethereal backlighting, (chiaroscuro:1.3), photorealistic, film photograph, analog style, bokeh effect, blurred background

Negative Prompt : asian, chinese, japanese,abs,formal wear, (red eyes),(worst quality:2), grayscale, monochrome, flat color, flat background, dull composition, low quality, low detail,normal quality, high quality, traditional art

Prompt Style Comparison

Below you can see the difference in generation quality between applying only the general prompt style and applying the recommended style specific to this model.

general.webpCloseup portrait shot, a woman standing in the forest, ultra realistic, best quality, extremely detailed, soft light, soft shadows, soft backlighting, (best image, best quality:1.5)

Final Thoughts

Rev Animation excels in crafting unique 2D and 3D animated art, particularly in portraits, anime, and fantasy landscapes. It thrives with prompts emphasizing "best quality," "masterpiece," and detailed descriptions placed at the front. The recommended prompt structure enhances results, producing visually appealing outputs. However, it falls short of photorealism. Despite this limitation, Rev Animation's prowess in generating captivating digital art and atmospheric scenes offers promising creative possibilities.