Realistic Vision 4 Guide

Realistic Vision 4 is an advanced text-to-image model designed to generate photorealistic images. Trained with a specialization in photograph-style images, Realistic Vision excels in portraying various scenes and subjects with a high degree of realism. Below is a detailed guide for Realistic Vision.

This Model Excels At

  • Generating Photorealistic Photographs.
  • Creating Amazing Lighting and Shadows.
  • Maintaining and Replicating Visual Depth and Color.
  • Creating Both Male and Female Imagery.
  • Creating SFW Imagery.

What To Be Aware of About This Model

  • NSFW images.
  • Can create images as large as 756x756 pixels.
  • Not optimized for traditional art and illustrations.
  • Requires some familiarity with photography terminology.

Prompting Style

Realistic Vision excels when combining a clear subject line with specific photography terminology, enhancing the quality and uniqueness of the generated images.

  • Steps: 25
  • CFG Scale: 3.5-7
  • Sampler: Eular a

Prompt Component Order

  1. Style
  2. Angle
  3. Subject
  4. Minor Details
  5. Photographic Techniques
  6. Quality

When creating a prompt for Realistic Vision, follow this structure: start with a style and angle for the image, then add a subject line, followed by major and minor details, add photographic techniques, and finally, specify the desired quality.

close-up photo of a woman wizard casting an ice spell,gorgeous,floating ice crystals,split lighting, dark shadows, soft backlighting,best quality

Sample Prompts

Bioluminescent Orchid


Positive Prompt : a close up analog style photo of a [water:orchid:0.2],[plant:0.2],bioluminescent split lighting, dark shadows, backlighting, (best quality:1.5)

Negative Prompt : (low quality:1.5), dull composition, monochrome

Punk Grandmaster


Positive Prompt : neo cyberpunk, a photo of a (adult female chess grandmaster),(virtual reality:1.2),(punk rock aesthetics:1.3),(perfect mohawk:1.3),natural relaxed pose,(hologram) national chess tournament,after a win, (hologram winning board position), [realistic] proportions,shallow focus,indoor split lighting,hard backlighting,film photography, (kodak film:1.5), blurred foreground silhouettes,cool color temperature, (hologram chessboard), (rule of thirds:1.5),rule of odds, leading lines,film grain,(best quality:1.2)

Negative Prompt : black and white,logo,text,brand,(bad pose), (excessive objects),asian,dull composition, (3d, rendering:1.5), (worst quality:1.2), low detail,(bad hands:1.5)

Enchanted By Light


Positive Prompt : third person perspective, from [behind], a (candid closeup) (profile shot) photo of man,kneeling, (jovial), [mesmerize:spellbound:0.9],flow art,enveloped by triquetra blue light ribbons, foreground ribbon,[handsome, crew cut, goatee],(chiaroscuro lighting:1.3), high contrast, (best quality:1.5), (unforgettable moment:1.3)

Negative Prompt : (3d, rendering:1.5), black and white, bilateral symmetry

Prompt Style Comparison

Below you can see the difference in generation quality between applying only the general prompt style in Prompting 101 and applying the recommended style specific to this model.

general.webpcloseup portrait shot, a woman standing in the forest, ultra realistic, (best quality:1.5), extremely detailed, soft light, soft shadows, soft backlighting, (best image:1.5)

Final Thoughts

Realistic Vision is a model that stands out among its counterparts. Despite being an older version, it holds its ground against higher-tier models such as SDXL, CyberRealistic, and EpicPhotoGasm. The capability to generate images as large as 765 by 765 pixels enables the creation of detailed, realistic photos that leave you questioning their authenticity. The model's advanced features and competitive performance make Realistic Vision a formidable choice for those seeking to blur the line between real and AI-generated imagery.