The Basic Prompt

Welcome to our guide on creating captivating black and white images with selective colorization using specific elements such as a scene or an object! In this tutorial, we'll dive into the art of transforming ordinary photographs into extraordinary works of art. With selective colorization, you can draw attention to key focal points, adding depth, emotion, and a touch of elegance to your images. In the top model selection menu, opt for the Realistic Vision model.

The Main Subject

For instance, let’s say we aim to generate a professional black and white photograph of a woman wearing a sexy red dress, a novice might simply write:

A woman wearing a red dress in black and white

While this may result in some good enough images, it leaves too much room for interpretation and of course error. It's common for the AI to get confused, but there are ways to address this issue.


Let’s start by providing enough information for the AI to be able to produce a high quality image with fine details in a black and white setting while also focusing on the red dress:

A (black and white) photograph of a ((beautiful woman wearing a sexy ((red)) dress)), in the streets of Paris

By providing more details while also using the weight technique we’ve learnt in the previous guide, we'll generate images that are more in line with what we want to see.

But as you can see even with a more detailed prompt the results are not quite as good, so let’s fix that by adding even more detail and a negative prompt.


Advanced Prompt

The Main Subject (Advanced)

Alright, so how about we step up the game? Let’s try to create a photo with a much more advanced prompt based on what we’ve learnt from the previous guide:

A cinematic (black and white photograph) of a ((beautiful woman wearing a sexy ((red)) dress)), (beautiful detailed eyes), (in the streets of (Paris)), (light reflections), (intricate:0.9), (anatomically correct, RAW camera focus, HDR, life-like shadows and highlights), ultra detailed, 8K quality, best quality, best image resolution

With this enhanced prompt, it's evident that we've significantly enhanced the image quality and detail level. Moreover, the outcomes surpass those of previous attempts.


The Negative Prompt

Why settle now? There's certainly room for improvement, isn't there? Well yeah! Let’s also implement a negative prompt and see how this goes.

Utilizing negative prompts presents an alternative, effective approach to steer the image generation process. Rather than indicating what you want, negative prompts outline what you aim to steer clear of. These exclusions can cover not just objects but also styles and unwanted characteristics.

So let’s create our negative prompt:

(low resolution, low detail, bad quality, bad image, deformed, extra fingers, oversaturated, ((illustration, design, artwork, painting, sketch, anime, cartoon, 3d render)), wrong orientation, out of proportion, clashing elements, ((jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, text, letters))


Ready to Give it a Try?

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