FantasyMix Guide

Fantasy Mix stands out as a robust and surprisingly versatile model, seamlessly blending extreme realism and anime aesthetics in its image generation capabilities. This guide will delve into its unique features, guiding you through optimal prompting techniques to harness its prowess. Explore a curated selection of sample prompts that showcase Fantasymix's ability to create images that transcend traditional boundaries, offering both lifelike realism and captivating anime-inspired visuals.

This Model Excels At

  • Generating stylised realistic images
  • Creating anime and cartoon illustrations
  • Creating amazing lighting and photo quality edge blurring
  • Providing a user friendly exprience via easy-to-understand prompt structure
  • Creating both male and female imagery
  • Generating NSFW and SFW imagery

What To Be Aware of About This Model

  • Weak at creating magical effects

  • Including skin indentation at the very start of your prompt will improve the photorealism of your final image.

  • Offers limited face options for both male and female

  • Requires asian, chinese, and japanese in negative in order to create other ethnicities

Prompting Style

Fantasy Mix recommended prompt style is a modified version of the general anime prompt format. It combines a specific structure with short and long keywords.

  • Steps: 27
  • CFG Scale: 5.5
  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

Prompt Component Order

  1. Model-specific effective prompts
  • skindentation: creates the skin folds when clothing is too tight. It creates texture in the skin that give a better sense of realism.
  • darkness, twilight, other solid color terms: Use one or more of these to create deeper shadows or specific colored lighting
  1. Style/Genre
  2. Quality Terms
  3. Resolution Terms
  4. Subject Statement
  5. Major Details
  6. Minor Details

(skin indentation:1.5), (best quality:1.5), (ultra quality:1.5),(high detail:1.5), 1female, warrior, wearing gold armor, in a battle stance, ultra realistic, soft lighting, soft shadows, soft backlighting

Sample Prompts

Magical Woman In The Rain


Positive Prompt : (darkness:1.2),(masterpiece:1.3),(ultra quality:1.5),(high detail:1.5),a (polish woman:1.3), (gorgeous features), (colorful gradient hair under a hood:1.3), [white:translucent:0.9] hooded cloak [embroidered] with prismic threads, concentrating on a barrier spell, (leather belt, small side satchel),prismic magical [geometric:umbrella:0.2] spell, floating particles, (glyphs:1.3), dungeon background, flat lighting,hard shadow, cast shadows, impressionistic green backlighting, detailed background object, deep depth of field, low angle full shot,(epic moment), [cinematic:dramatic:0.9] scene, (chiaroscuro:1.3), rain, (true to life acutance:1.5), bokeh effect, (oil painting:1.3)

Negative Prompt : (red eye:1.3),monochrome, (grayscale:1.2),low quality, normal quality, (worst quality:1.5)

Hyperrealistic Male


Positive Prompt : (high contrast,darkness),(masterpiece:1.3), (best quality:1.5), (high detail:1.5),closeup shot, (1man), (white [jacket]), black fade hair,([handsome:wide:distinctive]features), goatee,([wellbuilt:stocky:thick] body under clothing),detailed large eyes,jogging pants worn over large bulge, (bara:1.3),car garage background, male focus, male only,(ultra realistic [face|background|lighting]),shallow focus, deep depth of field, (soft Flecked Lighting, Variegated Shadows,Delicate Drapery Shadows), afternoon radiant backlighting, (chiaroscuro:1.3)

Negative Prompt : asian, chinese, japanese,abs,formal wear, (red eyes),(worst quality:1.5), grayscale, monochrome, flat color, flat background, dull composition, low quality, low detail,normal quality, high quality, traditional art

Tifa Lionhart


Positive Prompt : (darkness),(masterpiece, best quality, high detail, aesthetic and beautiful:1.5),1woman, realistic face,(gorgeous and attractive features),battle stance, (tifa lionhart, thief class:1.5), official outfit),dominatrix fighter, (mmo style:1.5), (detailed dungeon background), (cinematic epic moment), (colorful human tifa lionhart battle stance mmo fractal art:1.2),deep shadows, (flat lighting:1.2), (impressionistic prism backlighting), (chiaroscuro:1.3), high contrast, in the style of final fantasy

Negative Prompt : jpeg artifacting, (worst detail:1.1),(3d render:1.5),(anthro),(tiling:1.5), (haphazard:1.5),red eyes, (worst quality:2), (bilateral symmetry:1.5), (monochrome), (grayscale:1.2), low quality,normal quality, low detail

Prompt Style Comparison

Below you can see the difference in generation quality between applying only the general prompt style in Prompting 101 and applying the recommended style specific to this model.

magical.webpcloseup portrait shot, a woman standing in the forest, ultra-realistic, best quality, extremely detailed, soft light, soft shadows, soft backlighting, (best image:1.5)

Final Thoughts

Fantasymix adeptly generates photorealistic quality images while maintaining a distinct artistic style. Its unique blend of extreme realism and anime aesthetics opens up a vast spectrum of creative possibilities. Fantasymix pushes the boundaries of overall image quality far beyond the anime style of Hassaku Hentai. This remarkable capacity extends to SFW and NSFW images of both the male and female. The integration of Fantasymix with Danbooru tags creates a potent synergy, elevating its prowess to new heights and presenting you with a tool of unparalleled strength, matched only by the formidable Yiffiemix.