EpiCPhotoGasm Guide

epiCPhotoGasm is a well-trained photorealistic model that performs best with concise prompts

This Model Excels At

  • Generating photorealistic images.
  • Generating portraits.
  • Generating different ethnicities.
  • Generating NSFW(Men/women solos).
  • Generating cars.
  • Generating realistic 3D renders.

What to be Aware of With This Model

  • Has a strong preference for photorealism
  • Utilizes short prompts
  • Transforms anime and other art styles into realistic photos
  • Inadequate for generating transgender-style images.
  • Avoid using 'best image' and 'best quality' when creating male images, as they tend to produce female characteristics.
  • Refrain from using 'worst image' and 'worst quality,' in the Negative Prompt.
  • Prioritize short prompts for optimal performance with this model.
  • Avoid using excessive quality modifiers, such as 4k/8k or absurdres.
  • Generates multiple subjects and POV shots effectively when prompts follow the guidance in Prompting 101.

Prompting Style

epiCPhotoGasm recommended prompt style short prompts with a few modifers.

  • Steps: 18-30
  • CFG Scale: 5-7.5
  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

Prompt Component Order

  1. Style Type of Shot Subject Statement
  2. Major Details
  3. Minor Details
  4. Quality Modifier

a closeup shot of a woman in a forest,(best image:2)

Sample Prompts

Russian Woman In a Leather Jacket


Positive Prompt : A low angled medium shot of a sexy russian woman, in her mid twenties sitting seductively in park at sunset,wearing a leather jacket,(best image:2)

Negative Prompt : cartoon, painting, illustration, (worst quality:2)

Hamster Havoc


Positive Prompt : an unreal engine 3d render of a full (closeup shot:1.5) of chaotic hamsters in spherical glass enclosures, running wild in a futuristic space station,(best image:2)

Negative Prompt : cartoon, painting, illustration, (worst render:2),(worst quality:2)

Cave Explorer


Positive Prompt : a full (closeup shot:1.5) of a sexy female firefighter kneeling nude next to a campfire,large natural sagging breasts and perky nipples,a dark and treacherous cave, rugged rock formations, (best image:2)

Negative Prompt : cartoon, painting, illustration, (worst quality:2)

Prompt Style Comparison

Below you can see the difference in generation quality between applying only the general prompt style in Prompting 101 and applying the recommended style specific to this model.

general.webpcloseup portrait shot, a woman standing in a forest, masterpiece, extremely detailed, soft light, soft shadows, soft backlighting, (best image,best quality:1.5)

Final Thoughts

epiCPhotoGasm is a fantastic choice for generating photorealistic images. It consistently produces impressive results with minimal input. While some prompt adjustments might be necessary, its ability to comprehend prompts is truly noteworthy, making it an excellent starting point for beginners